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Clips Response Schema

The clip object is a variation of our publicly documented gif object. In addition to the properties provided by the gif object, clip objects have an additional video property that contains all of the media information for video format. The Pagination and Meta objects are also publicly documented.

typestringIndicates the type of GIPHY asset, always “video” for clips
idstringUnique ID for a GIPHY asset
urlstringURL linking to the GIPHY - Be Animated page for the clip
embed_urlstringURL used to access a rich media player for the Clip
durationstringThe duration of the video expressed as seconds plus a portion of a second as a decimal.
usernamestringUsername the Clip is attached to, if applicable
sourcestringThe page on which this Clip was found
titlestringThe title that appears on GIPHY - Be Animated for the clip
ratingstringThe MPAA-style rating for this content. Accepted values are G, PG, PG-13 and R
ctaCTAAn optional object containing data for connections to third party applications for custom GIPHY partnerships when available for a Clip. For example, for this GIF we link to a specific track within the Spotify app.
imagesImage[]An object containing data for various available formats and sizes of this GIF version (i.e no sound) of Clip. Use any of these for previews in a scrollable grid. Check here for more details. We do not generate the following renditions for Clips: preview, preview_gif, looping, fixed_width_small, fixed_width_small_still, fixed_height_small, fixed_height_small_still, downsized_small, downsized_still, downsized
userUserAn object containing data about the user associated with this clip, if applicable. Check here for more details
videoVideoAn object that contains all of the media information for video format for the clip. Check here for more details

The Video Object

descriptionstringAdditional information about a Clip

Similar to the images properties, this provides various video renditions with their rendition name as the property:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 4k

The 360p rendition is always present by default. All other renditions will only be present if they are available.

Each rendition contains: width, height, url


This object provides URLs to caption files in Subrip and Webvtt format (if available) based on transcriptions from the clip audio in the native language.

Format of a captions object:

  • "captions": {
  •  "<string: ISO 639-1 language code>": {
  •   "srt": "<string: url to caption file>",
  •   "vtt": "<string: url to caption file>"
  •  }
  • }

Additionally the mp4 assets within the video object contain a captions stream too if available in the clip’s native language

nativestringISO 639-1 language code that is the native language caption for the clip. references property in captions object