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Safe Search Terms

GIPHY maintains a list of keywords that will not return any results. These keywords are associated with content that is forbidden per our Community Guidelines. The list is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it includes topical, timely, and relevant entries.

API & SDK Partners can report inappropriate search queries by contacting Keywords can be added to the banned search query list when appropriate.

GIF Blocking Tool

Developers using GIPHY are able to customize their user experience by implementing a maximum Content Rating for their integration. In addition to this we also provide a GIF Blocking tool to remove content that falls within the selected Content Rating range, if desired. As a result, your moderation teams have more control over the integration too.

The GIF Blocking Tool can be accessed from the API key details page and accepts GIF IDs. Once added via this tool these GIFs will not be returned via the GIPHY API. Change your mind? You can also remove GIF IDs using the tool. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to apply.